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Vertical flight is going autonomous

Rotor builds autonomy to make helicopters and other VTOLs radically safer and more accessible.

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The future of flight

70% of helicopter accidents could be prevented with automation. We believe closing the safety gap between vertical flight and the rest of modern aviation is the fastest way to unlock the next generation of urban and regional air mobility.


The R550X is a multi-mission uncrewed helicopter built on the Robinson R44 platform. It’s equipped to lift heavy payloads up to 1,212 lbs (550 kg) in all weather conditions – including at night and in limited visibility.

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Cloudpilot is Rotor's human-supervised autonomy service that is available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. It flies the R550X from startup to shutdown, more safely and cost-effectively than an onboard pilot.

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Rotor R550X

The R550X lifts more and flies further than any other uncrewed VTOL available today. 

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Useful Load

sea level
1,212 lbs (550 kg)
Uncrewed only: Not approved for passenger flight


350 nm (650 km)

Cruise Speed

109 kts (201 km/h)


3 hours (with aux tanks)
15+ hours (max fuel configuration)

Flight Controls

Full fly-by-wire
Night- and IMC-capable

Command-and-Control Range

10+ miles with ground-based satcom relay
1,000+ miles with airborne satcom / LTE


Choose your application


The R550X fits seamlessly into existing helicopter spray operations, while providing immediate cost and productivity benefits.

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Deliver cargo to offshore assets 24 hours a day for considerably less than multi-engine turbine helicopter costs. Keep flight crews safe and preserve larger aircraft for personnel transport.

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Aerial Work

The R550X combines 1,212 lbs (550 kg) of external load capacity with the reliability and maintainability of the world's most popular civilian helicopter.

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Aerial Firefighting

The R550X is a Type 3 helicopter that can fill multiple firefighting roles, from aerial ignition and initial attack to tactical resupply.

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Transform the  way you fly