Pilot safety guaranteed

550kg of payload.
24/7 capability.

Rotor builds the biggest, most capable uncrewed helicopters available today. Designed for tough aerial firefighting roles, the R550X brings safety and capability to your next mission.

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The future of flight

Rotor brings advanced fly-by-wire and flight automation technology to today's helicopter fleet. Our remote piloting system enables you to tackle dull, dirty, and dangerous missions without putting pilots at risk.


The R550X is a multi-mission uncrewed helicopter built on the Robinson R44 platform. It’s equipped to lift heavy payloads up to 550 kg in all weather conditions – including at night and in limited visibility.

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Remote Piloting

The R550X can be operated wirelessly from a forward-deployed Ground Control Station (GCS) or by remote pilots located thousands of miles away. Choose from a range of support equipment and service options.

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Made in New Hampshire

The R550X lifts more and flies further than any other VTOL uncrewed aerial system available today. 

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sea level
550 kg (1,212 lbs)
Uncrewed only: not approved for passenger flight


350 nmi (650 km)

Cruise Speed

109 knots (201 km/h)


3 hours (with aux tanks)
15+ hours (max fuel configuration)

Flight Software

equipped as standard
Single-pilot remote operation
Night and IMC capable
Autonomous Autoland

Command-and-control Range

10+ mi with radio link
1,000+ miles with satellite/LTE


Choose your application


The R550X fits in seamlessly to existing helicopter spray operations, and provides immediate cost and productivity benefits.

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Deliver cargo to offshore assets 24 hours a day at lower cost than multi-engine turbine helicopters. Keep flight crews safe and preserve larger aircraft for personnel transport.

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Aerial Work

The R550X combines 550-kg external load capacity with the reliability and maintainability of the world's most popular civilian helicopter.

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Wildland Firefighting

The R550X is a Type 3 helicopter that has been carefully designed to fill multiple firefighting roles, from aerial ignition to initial attack to tactical resupply.

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The R550X At Your Service