Building the future of flight

Rotor believes in building a better future – but it starts with delivering technology that can make a difference today.

Our remote piloting systems are designed to be safe, dependable, and compatible with today’s helicopters and airspace infrastructure. 

Who We Are

"There’s no magic – just a team of flight scientists, engineers, and pilots hard at work in a hangar in New Hampshire."

Critical Missions

We deploy our systems only where we know we can save lives on the ground or in the air.

First to Market

We commit to being the first heavy-lift remote-piloted helicopter in regular commercial operation in the world.

Rotor Delivers

We know our customers depend on our work for critical missions. We will never let you down.

Safety without compromise

We help our customers achieve industry leading mission-readiness without compromising on safety.

We are ourselves a FAA-certified Part 91 operation that maintains and operates our remote-piloted helicopters to the highest operational and safety risk management (SRM) standards.

We conduct all of our test flights with no pilots or passengers onboard. 

Sustainability in our DNA

Rotor builds aviation technology for mitigating the impact of wildfire on our climate and habitats. Sustainability lies at the heart of what we do.

Our team is actively engaged in efforts to reduce aviation’s impact on the environment. Whether by supporting the certification of aviation fuels with lower lifecycle emissions and lower lead content, or by reducing the impact of helicopter noise on the environment, Rotor is committed to creating a scalable and sustainable aviation industry. 


Flying into tomorrow


Aerial Firefighting

Segregated airspace and other sparsely populated environments


Uncrewed Aerial Work

Certification for use in any uncrewed application


Air Mobility at Scale

Build trust and user acceptance to carry passengers

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