Building the future of flight

Rotor develops autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft – or in other words, “self-flying helicopters.”

We're starting with hazardous missions where pilot fatalities are commonplace and moving towards the transformation of our daily lives with short-distance autonomous passenger and cargo transport. Read our Autonomy Manifesto.

Who We Are

A team of flight scientists, engineers, and pilots bringing our diverse backgrounds together to create a better future for the aviation industry.

Our Vision

To increase VTOL safety and growth through automation. Automation can help prevent 70% percent of helicopter accidents and create opportunities for flight beyond those currently flown today.

Imagine fighting fires day or night and even in the smokiest conditions. Imagine commercial flights from New York to Boston in 90 minutes for the same price as a train ticket.

Our Products

We are deploying our autonomy technology onboard the R550X, our uncrewed helicopter based on the proven Robinson R44 platform.

Onboard sensors, electronics, and computers work together with our software to enable the aircraft to be flown anywhere in the world with satellite or cellular service.

What Makes Us Different

Rotor is focused on autonomy as the key enabling technology for the future of aviation.

Our retrofit approach builds on proven airframes to lower the cost of development and accelerate our timeline for impact. Our commercial and regulatory approach takes advantage of existing rules and regulations, which is why we can already fly today.

Made in America

American flag

Rotor is proud to build on the heritage of US aerospace innovation and to support a new generation of American companies defining the future and preserving American aerospace leadership for years to come.

Work with us

Excited about what we're building? Reach out today to learn more and be part of the future of vertical flight.