Human-supervised autonomy service

Focus on the mission and leave the piloting to Cloudpilot. Operators can take advantage of Rotor’s round-the-clock piloting service that guarantees mission success at a compelling per-hour price point.


Any mission, any weather

Cloudpilot is supervised by high-time, qualified pilots with experience in your mission. Onboard sensors and perception systems can see and avoid terrain and traffic even in poor visibility. Rotor will get the job done in even the most challenging conditions.

Startup to shutdown

Cloudpilot is available across all stages of flight, removing the need for onboard crew or a remote pilot. The R550X's fly-by-wire control system and onboard automation guarantee safe flight across the entire envelope.

Available around the clock

Eliminate concerns about dispatch readiness and crew time-outs — Cloudpilot is ready to fly whenever you need the aircraft. It's available all around the world -- anywhere with satellite or cellular communications service.

Competitive economics

High levels of automation and shared pilot utilization helps to keep hourly rates affordable for R550X operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the R550X carry people?

The R550X is designed for a wide variety of uncrewed utility missions, including agriculture, firefighting, maritime, and other aerial work. It is not designed or certified to carry people.

We plan to produce a future version rated to carry passengers.

What licenses do I need to fly the R550X?

Today, for regulatory and safety reasons, you must be an FAA-certified helicopter pilot and a Part 107 remote pilot to operate the R550X. The R550X and Cloudpilot have a very high level of automation, keeping the pilot workload low.

Given the active development of technology and regulation in this space, these requirements may change in the future.

What are the safety mitigations for lost link?

The R550X's communications gateway can simultaneously maintain 6 communications links of various types, making complete loss of link highly unlikely.

In case of loss of link, the aircraft can perform one of several predetermined maneuvers, according to operator preference. It can loiter and attempt to regain link, or it can return to base along predetermined routes and land safely.

What sort of communications does the R550X and Cloudpilot use?

The R550X uses a diversity of direct radio, LTE/cellular, and satellite links to connect to Cloudpilot. Field-deployed direct radio relays generally have ranges of between 10 and 50 miles, depending on the terrain and regulatory allowances. Where required, backhaul between field-deployed relays and Cloudpilot is completed using available communications infrastructure.

For detailed information on communications options and their geographic availability, please contact

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Operating Costs

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  • Your mission parameters

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The R550X fits seamlessly into existing helicopter spray operations, while providing immediate cost and productivity benefits.

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Deliver cargo to offshore assets 24 hours a day for considerably less than multi-engine turbine helicopter costs. Keep flight crews safe and preserve larger aircraft for personnel transport.

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Aerial Work

The R550X combines 1,212 lbs (550 kg) of external load capacity with the reliability and maintainability of the world's most popular civilian helicopter.

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Aerial Firefighting

The R550X is a Type 3 helicopter that can fill multiple firefighting roles, from aerial ignition and initial attack to tactical resupply.

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