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The R220Y is Rotor's research & development testbed. It’s used to develop flight controls and autonomy algorithms, test communications and sensors, and demonstrate mission capabilities. Since its first flight in 2022, the R220Y has been a workhorse of Rotor's R&D fleet.

American flag
Made in New Hampshire


Useful Load

sea level
485 lbs (220 kg)
Uncrewed only: Not approved for passenger flight


Within visual line of sight

Cruise Speed

90 kts (166 km/h)


Less than one hour

Flight Controls

Full fly-by-wire
Reconfigurable software and algorithms


sea level
1,370 lbs (622 kg)
Explore fAQs


Testbed for autonomy

The R220Y has been invaluable for validating our core autonomous systems in the real world, with hundreds of hours of testing completed.

Testbed for mission payloads

The R220Y can carry sensor and communication payloads that are too heavy for drones, making it a versatile R&D platform for any mission application.

Transferable technology

The R220Y is based on the Robinson R22, a 2-seat training and utility helicopter. It has a high degree of similarity with the R550X, allowing us to transfer technology seamlessly.

Watch it fly today

We fly our R220Y fleet on a regular basis for internal development and mission demonstration. If you're interesting in operating an uncrewed helicopter for your mission, book a flight demo today.

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