Aerial Application with the R550X

Missions / Agriculture

The R550X fits in seamlessly to existing helicopter spray operations, and provides immediate cost and productivity benefits.


The R550X is a remote-piloted version of the R44, which achieves R66-level performance for significantly lower cost.


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Expedited ROI

  • Double the payload of an R44 -> reduction in time spent transiting and refilling (see calculator)
  • Improved aircraft stability -> better spraying
  • High-level autopilot -> optimized flight path

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A drone with helicopter performance

Take advantage of automated precision path planning like a drone, or fly the aircraft manually. The R550X can be flown by a single pilot.

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Dependability of the R44 with new digital systems

State-of-the-art mobile ground control station with full “stick and rudder” control. Flown over redundant communications links via synthetic vision with obstacle avoidance assistance.

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Eliminate wire strike risk to life

Take pilots out of harm's way. Multiple cameras and LIDAR allow the R550X to detect and avoid wires and other obstacles.


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Deliver cargo to offshore assets 24 hours a day at lower cost than multi-engine turbine helicopters. Keep flight crews safe and preserve larger aircraft for personnel transport.


Aerial Work

The R550X combines 550-kg external load capacity with the reliability and maintainability of the world's most popular civilian helicopter.


The R550X At Your Service