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The R550X is a multi-mission uncrewed helicopter built on the Robinson R44 platform. It’s equipped to lift heavy loads up to 1,212 lbs (550 kg) in all weather conditions – including at night and in limited visibility. It ships in a ready-to-fly configuration and can be customized with a range of mission and autonomy payloads and equipment.

Made in New Hampshire


Useful Load

sea level
1,212 lbs (550 kg)
Uncrewed only: Not approved for passenger flight


350 nm (650 km)

Cruise Speed

109 kts (201 km/h)


3 hours (with aux tanks)
15+ hours (max fuel configuration)

Flight Controls

Full fly-by-wire
Night- and IMC-capable

Command-and-Control range

10+ miles with ground-based satcom relay
1,000+ miles with airborne satcom / LTE


sea level
2,756 lbs (1,250 kg)
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Safety Guaranteed

Never choose between crew safety and getting the job done again. Rotor’s technology ensures your pilots return home at the end of the day and the job is complete.

Fly Further, Carry More

No crew means more payload, more range, and more mission flexibility. The R550X carries more than twice the effective payload of the Robinson R44.

All-Weather Operations

The R550X can fly in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) and at night. Maintain your dispatch reliability, even in unpredictable conditions.

Autonomy Comes Standard

R550X piloting services are delivered from startup-to-shutdown by Cloudpilot, Rotor's human-supervised autonomy system that is available 24 hours a day, anywhere you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What third-party add-ons / mission payloads does the R550X support?

The R550X supports a wide variety of third-party mission payloads from trusted OEMs. These include gimbals, cameras, internal payload mounts, cargo buckets, plastic sphere dispensers (PSDs), winches / hoists, and others. Most products with an STC for the Robinson R44 Raven II are compatible with the R550X out of the box. For detailed questions, please contact us at

Is there a zero emissions option?

The R550X is powered by the highly reliable Lycoming IO-540 engine, with redundant electronic engine controls. It uses conventional low-lead aviation fuel, also known as "100LL." We plan to produce future uncrewed aircraft powered by sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), which will have net-zero emissions.

Is there a turbine option?

The R550X is powered by the Robinson R44's highly reliable internal combustion engine: the Lycoming IO-540. However, given the high commonality between Robinson products, we plan to produce a similar aircraft based on the Robinson R66, with the Rolls-Royce RR300 turbine engine. If this is important for your mission, please contact us at to discuss specifics and timeline.

What fuel does it use?

The R550X uses conventional low-lead aviation fuel, also known as "100LL." This is the most common type of light aviation fuel, and can be found at most airports. However, we plan to produce a future variants powered by Jet A (based on the Robinson R66) and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

What is the payload / range curve?

For a detailed payload vs. range curve, please contact

Is it certified in my country?

Rotor is pursuing a supplemental type certificate (STC) in the USA for the R550X. In the mean time, the R550X is available for use from early 2024 as an experimental-category aircraft. The helicopter will be delivered with all documentation required to receive a Special Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA in the USA, or equivalent certification in other countries.

For questions about regulatory COAs, waivers, or 44807 exemptions, please contact us at

Does the R550X have a flight termination system?

Yes, the R550X has a flight termination system capable of ending a flight immediately in case of an emergency. It is comprised of dedicated hardware operated over its own independent communications channel.

What are the safety mitigations for lost link?

The R550X's communications gateway can simultaneously maintain 6 communications links of various types, making complete loss of link highly unlikely.

In case of loss of link, the aircraft can perform one of several predetermined maneuvers, according to operator preference. It can loiter and attempt to regain link, or it can return to base along predetermined routes and land safely.

What sort of communications does the R550X and Cloudpilot use?

The R550X uses a diversity of direct radio, LTE/cellular, and satellite links to connect to Cloudpilot. Field-deployed direct radio relays generally have ranges of between 10 and 50 miles, depending on the terrain and regulatory allowances. Where required, backhaul between field-deployed relays and Cloudpilot is completed using available communications infrastructure.

For detailed information on communications options and their geographic availability, please contact

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Operating Costs

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Mission Payloads

We know the aircraft is only part of the capability. Rotor partners with payload specialists and OEMs so you get the fully-integrated mission capability you need. The R550X is compatible with a wide range of cameras, gimbals, speciality sensors, and other custom payloads.

Overwatch TK Series

Payload Model
TK Series
Payload OEM
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Smith Myers Artemis

Payload Model
Payload OEM
Smith Myers
Multi-sensor Package
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The R550X fits seamlessly into existing helicopter spray operations, while providing immediate cost and productivity benefits.

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Deliver cargo to offshore assets 24 hours a day for considerably less than multi-engine turbine helicopter costs. Keep flight crews safe and preserve larger aircraft for personnel transport.

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Aerial Work

The R550X combines 1,212 lbs (550 kg) of external load capacity with the reliability and maintainability of the world's most popular civilian helicopter.

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Aerial Firefighting

The R550X is a Type 3 helicopter that can fill multiple firefighting roles, from aerial ignition and initial attack to tactical resupply.

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